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Magic bottle and magic wand... ridiculously overpowered
2012-04-15, 9:31 AM

This is not a whine, just an "eye-opener, i have seen the light" post.

Having played dota for 3 years i never really tried bottle and wand much because i always felt investing money in them was a waste thinking they look crap on paper and chasing runes made the game more boring.


Ive played 2 days doing -random nomatter gamemode to buy bottle and wand both (Regardless of what hero i got, to test them extensivly) and my kill to death ratio has gone through the roof!

Ive always considered myself a tactical genius, a good teamplayer and great at things like watching minimap, mindgames and so on. However my Kill death ratio over the years isnt that great, id say i have a 2.25 kill to 1 death ratio on an average. Reason being i suck with items choise and item managment (just as i suck with handling economy IRL.

The last 2 days ive had a maybe 5-6 kill per death ratio combined. My last 3 matches as im writing this is Necro 17-0 stats, pugna 21-4 stats and omni knight with 9-2 stats (went support build on omni with pudge in lane who got most kills) and though i do have bad matches - magic bottle and wand are doing extreme differences as opposed to bad matches WITHOUT them!

With pugna even spam spells like mortreds dagger would trigger the wand, giving me an infinite mana pool as she ran around, pretty little girl as she is - spamming daggurz.

The wand cost 200 gold and gives an EXTREME amount of mana/health returns over the course of battle. High charge will save you a loooot of extra times. Magical bottle when you think of it, only costs 300G since u get 300 back when u sell it.

I know many of you are thinking " Care to say anything more useless captain obvious?" but for other stubborn longtime pub players out there like me that never really bothered to try wand or bottle, go for it. I know 2 days isnt that long of a testing time to compare over 3 years but i cant believe the stats ive had after the last 20+ matches ive played now were all a Coincidence+Luck.

Magical bottle and Magic wand are severely broken imo. It makes your hero so much more resourcefull its not even funny. But in a good way it also encourages more active fights, and less boring mutual-fear lane`ing. And you cant say its unfair as both sides can buy them.

Again, it feels like dota is a whole different game with flask+wand. They are a disgrace to game balance but they sure do dota more action oriented.
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